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With a keen eye on the EV market, a team of writers work in collaboration with the Editor-in-Chief of TotallyEV to produce insightful articles and reviews.
Self driving technology

Getting UK law ready for Autonomous EVs

The UK Department for Transport recently greenlit Ford’s ‘hands-off, eyes-on’ technology for use on British motorways, marking another step towards the day Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) arrive on...
Gridserve charger

Battery Innovation: Silicon Anodes the alternative to raw materials scarcity

Concerns about climate change and air pollution, as well as government policies and incentives encouraging cleaner vehicles, have increased global demand for electric vehicles (EVs). But making...

Are governments roadblocks or enablers in the e-transition of trucks?

Personal electric vehicles (EVs) have turned the automotive industry inside out thanks to top-down intervention. To visualise the positive effect local governments have had, consider that nearly...
Mini Electric Pacesetter Goodwood

Four sustainability trends to look out for in 2023

As we look towards 2023, companies are yet another year closer to D-Day for reaching global net-zero targets. The pressure is on if we are going to...
LEVC TX frontal view

What can we do about the electrification of fleets stalling?

The journey to electric vehicles has become increasingly complicated over the past two years. Consecutive lockdowns and a looming economic downturn have pushed future-proofing fleets down the...
Gridserve Cupra Born

The Future is Electric: Why electric cars will take over sooner than you think

We’re currently experiencing a boom period in electric vehicles. Right now, the RAC estimates there are at least 456,000 battery electric cars on the roads up and...
Audi e-tron GT charging speed

Electric Vehicles: The pathway to the fast lane

Electric vehicles (EVs) have long been heralded as the future of transportation. However, with costs spiralling and the continued economic uncertainty in the UK, the transition to...
Audi e-tron S charging

Theft-proofing EV cables

If you’re already the owner of an electric vehicle, then you’ll be well aware of the envious glances from those who walk past. Especially given the spate...
Tesla Model 3 rear design

What are the patent trends in the EV industry?

Strong customer demand and faster than anticipated adoption of EVs makes this a productive time for those focused on improving batteries and their technologies. The attention and...
Gridserve design

Low carbon transport options: Alternatives to electric cars

City-led infrastructure is a powerful tool for reducing carbon. From the roads we build to the cars we drive, the emissions we produce from day-to-day travel can,...