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Christopher is an avid car enthusiast and techie. In his spare time, he reviews the latest consumer electronic products on his YouTube channel, TotallydubbedHD. Elsewhere, he practices Taekwondo, in which he has held a black belt for several years and coaches at a national level. He also speaks fluent English, French, Armenian, and loves to practice freestyle street dance.
Versinetic's Log Chargers for EVs_1

What does the future hold for EV charge points?

Our video interview with Dunstan Power from Versinetic on the future of EV charging points and the UK infrastructure. Enjoy!
Jamie Chadwick

Williams F1 development driver Jamie Chadwick joins Extreme E

Veloce Racing has confirmed that Jamie Chadwick, Williams F1 development driver and W Series Champion, will race for the team in the upcoming all-electric offroad racing series, Extreme...
Mahindra Racing new car

Mahindra Racing unveils its Season 7 Formula E car and drivers

The 2020/21 Formula E season will be unlike any other that's taken place before – it's the first time the all-electric motorsport has been recognised as a...

How have EVs changed the industry?

Our video interview with Steve Doyle from EVera Recruitment on the impact electric vehicles have had on the UK job market. Enjoy!
Petrol & Diesel Ban 2030 UK ready

Petrol & Diesel Ban 2030: Is the UK ready?

Our video interview with Dr. Chris Jardine from Joju Charging explores the impact the UK's 2030 petrol & diesel ban will have on the market. Enjoy!
Renault Zoe audio review

Renault Zoe audio review: Magnificent stock speakers

The Renault Zoe is an all-electric hatchback that starts from £26,995; we found it to be one of the best electric family cars on the market, where...
Renault Zoe charging port

UK petrol and diesel ban brought forward to 2030

A few months ago, TotallyEV reported the UK's plans on bringing forward the ban of fossil fuel vehicles to 2030. Today, the UK's Prime Minister, Boris Johnson,...
Renault Zoe review

Renault Zoe review (2020): Best electric family car?

Small-sized all-electric cars have garnered a reputation of being impractical and are often bound to remain within the city due to their limited driving range. Step forward...
EVera Recruitment

How have electric vehicles impacted the automotive industry?

Whilst the current challenging times we’re all living and working in have created huge uncertainty for many businesses and sectors, there is one thing that remains an...
EVBox cars

Has the UK’s charging infrastructure evolved with time?

Electric vehicles are growing in popularity. The increase in both the demand and supply of cars, trucks and bikes has created a new wave of customers and...