Vmoto Super Soco TC Max review (2024): Best beginner motorcycle?

The Super Soco TC Max has been out for quite some time, however, more recently the Night Edition was announced and you might have also noticed it renamed as the Vmoto Super Soco TC Max or Vmoto Soco TC Max. That’s because the Chinese manufacturer, Vmoto, now owns Super Soco.

To ride the TC Max, you’ll have to be over the age of 17 years and pass a CBT, which in the UK can be done if you hold a provisional driving license. Alternatively, you can attain a full A1, A2 or A license to use the bike.

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Vmoto Soco TC Max price & competition

At the time of writing, the TC Max can be found for £4,199, however, that’s inclusive of the OZEV grant – it’s £4,699 without it. You get a two-year warranty on the bike and a three-year warranty on the battery pack.

Vmoto Super Soco TC Max size

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As for its competitors, there are a few electric bikes on the market. Here are some that we’ve reviewed that you might want to consider: the Sunra Miku Super at £3,499, the Sunra Robo-S electric at £3,299, the Super Soco TS Street Hunter at £3,799, and the Seat Mo 125 at £5,800.

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Vmoto Soco TC Max design & features review

The TC Max is a visually striking electric bike that blends a modern design with a retro aesthetic. Its headlight design and lack of a windshield give it a classic look, while the option to add certain accessories such as those offered by R&G, allows for personalisation. Weighing in at 79 kg without the battery (101 kg with the battery), it maintains a lightweight profile, which is a plus for manoeuvrability – be it for manual movement or when on the road.

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The bike also includes a built-in alarm and keyless ignition, adding a layer of convenience and security. However, the basic LCD display lacks customisation options and integration with Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. Additionally, there is no USB port for charging a smartphone, no reverse mode, and the indicators must be manually cancelled. The omission of push-to-cancel indicators is extremely disappointing, as it means you have to keep an eye out on your indicators at all times, which is particularly tricky as the indicator light on the LCD display is quite small and there are no audible cues.

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Vmoto Soco TC Max storage & comfort review

While the TC Max doesn’t offer much in terms of storage due to the battery placement, it does provide a small compartment suitable for a power bank or smartphone. The seat is comfortable, thanks to high-density foam that extends to the pillion, ensuring a pleasant ride for both the rider and passenger. With a 6ft (182cm) rider, the bike’s ergonomics are perfect.

As for the bike’s suspension system, which includes USD front forks and a rear mono-shock setup, it excels at absorbing bumps and anomalies on the road, making it one of the most comfortable electric bikes available.

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Vmoto Soco TC Max performance review

The TC Max is equipped with a 2.7 kWh battery pack, promising an electric range of up to 60 miles. However, real-world testing in mixed conditions revealed a range closer to 40-50 miles, especially in level three mode, which prioritises power and speed. Opt for level 2 or 1, and you’ll have a slower bike but one that claims to go up to 87 miles on a singular charge. Unrealistic, but one could potentially squeeze out 50-60 miles if driving conservatively and commuting within the city only. Note, that our figures were attained with a 70kg rider and a small backpack.

Charging the battery takes about 3-4 hours, and while the battery is removable, its 22 kg weight makes it cumbersome to handle frequently. Additionally, the charger itself is quite loud, emitting around 21 to 23 decibels, which can be disruptive if charged overnight or in a workplace.

Performance-wise, the bike claims to match 125cc performance, however, it only has a rated power output of 3.9 kW (5.2 hp) and a peak power of 5 kW (6.7 hp), along with 12.9 Nm of torque. Using Racelogic’s Performance Box Touch we recorded 3.31 seconds from 0-20 mph, 5.69 seconds from 0-30 mph, 18.01 seconds from 0-50 mph and 12.32 seconds from 30-50 mph. We also clocked in a peak acceleration of 0.30g. While not the fastest, the TC Max handles well at lower speeds and is steady even at its top speed of around 53-54 mph.

However, a significant issue with the TC Max is its speedometer accuracy. When the GPS-measured speed was 20 mph, the speedometer displayed 25 mph; at 30 mph, it showed 35 mph; at 40 mph, it showed 45 mph; and at 50 mph, it showed 55 mph. At the top speed, the discrepancy was even more pronounced, with the speedometer reading up to 65 mph while the actual speed was around 53-54 mph. Indeed, the speedometer continued climbing past 54mph, while the recorded GPS-measured speed remained constant. While it’s theoretically going to keep you safe, this inaccuracy is concerning.

The bike’s braking performance is also lacking, especially at higher speeds. While the front and rear disc brakes are adequate for lower-speed scenarios, they are less effective during emergency stops at higher speeds. The absence of ABS further exacerbates this issue, reducing traction and stability during hard braking.

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TotallyEV’s verdict on the Vmoto Soco TC Max

The Super Soco TC Max is a fun, comfortable electric bike suitable for urban commuting and short to medium rides. It excels in design and comfort, offering a smooth ride with reliable suspension and ergonomic seating.

However, it falls short in performance compared to traditional 125cc bikes, with limited range and less powerful acceleration. The heavy battery and noisy charger are also notable drawbacks, along with the basic LCD display and lack of modern features like a push-to-cancel indicator.

Vmoto Super Soco TC Max review

Buy the Vmoto Soco TC Max from Auto Trader

For those prioritizing style and comfort over long-distance travel and high-speed performance, the TC Max is a solid choice, but potential buyers should weigh these factors carefully.

What do you make of the TC Max? Let us know in the comments section below or via social media; we’re on: YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, X and LinkedIn.

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vmoto-super-soco-tc-max-review-best-beginner-motorcycleThe Vmoto Super Soco TC Max is a comfortable and fun-to-ride electric motorcycle. It's stylish and has adequate performance for city commutes. However, its braking performance is a little lacklustre, its deceitful speedometer is worrying and its heavy battery pack makes it impractical to regularly remove from the bike.


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