Mazda MX-30 review

Mazda MX-30 review (2024): A compact all-electric SUV

In the UK, the Mazda MX-30 is a compact all-electric SUV that comes in at an affordable price. It's the manufacturer's first battery electric vehicle (BEV) and...
Renault Zoe review

Renault Zoe review (2024): Best electric family car?

Small-sized all-electric cars have garnered a reputation of being impractical and are often bound to remain within the city due to their limited driving range. Step forward...
Kia Niro EV review

Kia Niro EV review (2024): An upgraded e-Niro?

The Kia Niro EV is a compact all-electric SUV that attempts to build on the success of its predecessor, the e-Niro. Having reviewed its sibling in 2020,...
Audi A3 TFSI e review

Audi A3 TFSI e review (2024): A sporty plug-in hybrid

Introduced in 1996, the Audi A3 has progressively grown in popularity, whereby it's effectively a more luxurious proposition over Volkswagen's other vehicles that share the same MQB...
Land Rover Discovery Sport P300e review

Land Rover Discovery Sport P300e review (2024): Power and efficiency?

In 2014, Land Rover replaced the Freelander with the introduction of the Discovery Sport. It quickly rose in popularity, as it became one of the automaker's best...
Vauxhall Astra Hybrid review

Vauxhall Astra review (2024): Is the hybrid worth it?

The Vauxhall Astra (or Opel Astra) has been around since 1980. Now in its eight-generation, the compact hatchback is offered as a plug-in hybrid and has been...
Peugeot e-208 review

Peugeot e-208 review: Are there better alternatives?

Peugeot's second-generation 208 and e-208 were unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in 2019. Much like the Vauxhall Corsa-e, another EV from the Stellantis Group, the fully...
VW ID.3 review

VW ID.3 review (2024): The newly improved electric hatchback

The Volkswagen ID.3 hasn't been out for too long and yet, the German automaker has already updated its fully electric hatchback. There are minor changes from the...
BMW iX3 review

BMW iX3 review: The best driver’s feel?

The BMW iX3 is the manufacturer's first all-electric SUV. It comes at an interesting time, as it coincidences with the launch of the iX; the larger, more...
Citroen e-C4 review

Citroen e-C4 review: Most comfortable SUV?

The Citroen C4 was a compact petrol or diesel car. The first-generation model came out in 2004 and was then updated with a refreshed look and engine...