Best car phone holder 2024: Safely cradle or mount your smartphone

Modern vehicles come with a built-in smartphone cradle, where they’ll often connect over USB to the car’s infotainment system using Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. These operating systems allow you to playback music, access your contacts and utilise navigation apps, among other things.

If, however, your vehicle doesn’t support these operating systems or sport a touchscreen display you’ll want to use a smartphone to aid with navigation. Indeed, most phones are now large and smart enough to be used as a replacement; it’s likely that your handheld device is more up-to-date than your vehicle’s system, too.

The issue is: you can’t use a phone while driving, as you’ll be hit with a hefty fine and points on your license, which will undoubtedly increase your insurance premium. The solution? Grabbing a smartphone cradle or mount so that you can view navigation data, incoming calls and even send messages using your voice, only.

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There are thousands of options to choose from, where some affix themselves to a windscreen and others, to air vents. No matter what you opt for, your smartphone and its cradle or mount, shouldn’t obstruct your field of view.

To help you make an informed purchasing decision, TotallyEV has condensed a comprehensive list of phone holders for you to choose from.

To help us provide you with free impartial advice, the links below will point toward your localised Amazon store. As Amazon Affiliates we earn commission from qualifying purchases. No company has paid to be included in our editorially-led roundup, where products are also listed in no particular order.

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1Best wireless charger phone holder: Auckly-1-0828

Best phone holder Auckly-1-0828

A lot of modern smartphones support Qi wireless charging, and some of us have gotten used to the convenience of not having to plug in a smartphone. The same principle applies within your vehicle, where a phone holder can be permanently plugged into a 12V or USB socket. Here, the adjustable Auckly-1-0828 mount affixes itself to your car’s air vents, where it can deliver up to 15 Watts of power to a compatible 4.7-6.3″ smartphone.

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2Best universal air vent holder: Yosh CH202

Best phone holder Yosh CH202

Some of us prefer to have our phones in close proximity; here, the Yosh CH202 universal holder attaches itself to a car’s air vents. The cradle supports 360° rotation and has silicone pads to securely hold a smartphone (up to 6.9″ in size) in place.

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3Best air vent holder: Yosh CH101

Best magnetic air vent holder Yosh CH101

If you want something discrete and don’t mind affixing a metal plate to the back of a smartphone or phone case, then the Yosh CH101 makes for a perfect choice. Using a series of four strong magnets, the circular holder allows you to securely snap a smartphone in place without having to worry about it flying around; it’s also easy to unbind a phone from the cradle as it doesn’t have a latch mechanism.

Buy the Yosh CH101 from Amazon

4Best magnetic windscreen holder: Apps2Car M02 Pro-S02

Apps2Car M02 Pro-S02

The Apps2Car M02 Pro-S02 is designed for those who don’t want to affix a smartphone to an air vent but still seek the convenience of a magnetic phone holder. The adjustable mount arm allows 360° rotation and 240° tilt function; its magnetic plate also makes it convenient for one-handed operation.

Buy the Apps2Car M02 Pro-S02 from Amazon

5Best universal windscreen holder: Beikell B6007

Best universal windscreen holder Beikell B6007

Want an even cheaper solution? Look no further than the Beikell B6007. Its adjustable arm and 360° rotation make it easy to find an ideal viewing position. One can place a 4.7″-6.5″ smartphone within its three-pronged mechanism and affix the mount to your windscreen or dashboard via its sticky suction pad.

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6Best universal windscreen holder with flexible arm: Floveme

Best phone holder Floveme

Having the freedom to adjust a windscreen mount, allows for greater flexibility. This especially applies to those that have a vehicle with a deep dashboard. Indeed, the Floveme has a long gooseneck design to fit your 4-7″ smartphone. It also has 360° rotation and fixes itself to your car’s windscreen, only.

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