In-depth reviews of electric vehicles from the editors of TotallyEV

Ora Funky Cat review

Ora Funky Cat review (2022): Better Than VW ID.3 & MG4 EV?

The Ora Funky Cat is a new entrant to the European and UK electric vehicle market. Manufactured by the privately-owned Chinese automaker, Great Wall Motor (GWM), Ora...
MG4 EV review

MG4 EV review (2022): The best value EV to date

The MG MG4 EV is the manufacturer's third fully-electric vehicle. Building on the success of the ZS EV SUV and the MG5 EV estate, the Chinese automaker...
Super Soco TS Street Hunter review

Super Soco TS Street Hunter review (2022): Best Electric Street Motorbike?

The Super Soco TS Street Hunter is, as the name suggests, an all-electric street bike. It has a slightly widened and elongated profile over a few of...
Specialized Turbo Vado review

Specialized Turbo Vado 4.0 review: A multi-purpose e-bike

As a goliath of the traditional bicycle manufacturing world, few companies can match the time, effort, and engineering resources that Specialized commits to its product development. And...
Citroen C5 X audio review

Citroen C5 X audio review: Best sound proofing?

The Citroen C5 X is a rather unique hybrid vehicle. It's a cross between an estate, an SUV and a saloon. It offers a supremely comfortable driving...
Citroen C5 X review

Citroen C5 X review (2022): Hybrid perfection?

The Citroen C5 X is a rather unique-looking vehicle. It's a cross between an estate, a saloon and an SUV. It has the elongated wheelbase of the...
Volkswagen ID.5 review

Volkswagen ID.5 review (2022): Germany’s best electric SUV?

The ID.5 is Volkswagen's first all-electric SUV Coupé. It's a more compact alternative to the brand's first electric SUV, the ID.4. Both share many similarities, from their...
Volkswagen ID.5 audio review

Volkswagen ID.5 audio review: Should you upgrade to Dynaudio?

The VW ID.5 is the brand's first all-electric Coupé SUV. It follows on from the success of its sibling, the ID.4. In our assessment of the vehicle,...
Sunra Miku Super review

Sunra Miku Super review (2022): Best electric motorcycle?

The Sunra Miku Super is an all-electric motorbike that shares many similarities with its sibling, the Sunra Robo-S. When we reviewed the electric moped, we found it...
LEVC TX review

LEVC TX review (2022): Incredible efficiency

When it comes to iconic vehicles, London’s Black Cab (or Hackney) is up there with the most recognisable modes of transport. Its history stretches back to 1897,...