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Algorithms can accelerate adoption of electric vehicles

Electric vehicles are consistently growing in popularity among consumers and manufacturers. However, until battery technology improves, those seeking to go on long excursions can be faced with...
Jamie Chadwick discusses Women in Motorsport & Extreme E

Jamie Chadwick discusses Women in Motorsport & Extreme E

Our video interview with Jamie Chadwick, a professional rally driver, discusses her involvement in Extreme E and Women in Motorsport. Enjoy!
Future of in-car audio

Future of in-car audio: Silentium’s ANC technology

Our video interview with Anthony Manias, Head of Automotive at Silentium. Enjoy!
What does 'McLaren Applied' do in electrified motorsports

What does ‘McLaren Applied’ do in electrified motorsports?

Our video interview with Matthias Dank, Motorsport Director at McLaren Applied. Enjoy!
ZeroLight interview

ZeroLight interview: How has technology changed the automotive industry?

Our video interview with Francois de Bodinat, ZeroLight’s Chief Product Officer. Enjoy!
Alejandro Agag

Interview with Alejandro Agag, CEO of Extreme E

Continental is a founding partner and, as of 2021, the premium sponsor of the Extreme E series. The technology company will equip all vehicles in the races...
Molly Taylor Rosberg X Racing

Molly Taylor discusses Extreme E & Women in Motorsport

Molly Taylor is an Australian rally car driver who signed for Rosberg X Racing, a team founded and owned by former Formula One Champion, Nico Rosberg. Nico's...
Extreme E Continental performance

How Continental designed specialised tyres for Extreme E

Continental, a German multinational that manufactures tyres, is a founding partner and, from 2021, the premium sponsor of Extreme E – a new all-electric, all-terrain motorsport. Here, Continental...

Alexander Sims discusses his journey into Formula E & sustainability

Our video interview with Alexander Sims, a professional racing driver, who represents Mahindra Racing in Season 7 of Formula E. Enjoy!

Mikaela Ahlin-Kottulinsky discusses Extreme E & Women in Motorsport

Our video interview with Mikaela Ahlin-Kottulinsky, a professional racing driver & Extreme E test driver. Enjoy!