Extreme E to use off-grid hydrogen-powered EV chargers from AFC Energy

On 15 July 2020, Extreme E, the upcoming all-terrain all-electric off-road racing series announced that it’ll be collaborating with AFC Energy, a provider of hydrogen power generation technologies, to enable its race cars to use off-grid hydrogen-powered chargers.

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The inaugural season of Extreme E will take place throughout 2021, taking the motorsport to remote areas around the globe. The Odyssey 21 will be used by teams to compete across different terrains, and as the vehicle will require charges in-between race days, AFC Energy has stepped in to provide an off-grid charger – the H-Power Charger – as an enabler for this racing series to take place in remote areas.

The aim of the motorsport is not only to provide an exciting new racing series but to also highlight the impact of global warming; as such the result of climate change on these specifically chosen race locations will be the main focus.

Extreme E Continental drive

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“This collaboration with AFC Energy is a game changer not just for Extreme E, but also to the wider sports and events industry which could also benefit greatly from using this innovative, zero emission charging technology,” said Alejandro Agag, founder and CEO of Extreme E.

“In everything we do around this championship we are focussed on being sustainable and supporting the environment, whilst also being innovative. Our collaboration with AFC Energy, the leading provider of alkaline fuel cell systems providing off-grid and sustainable power generation, is a huge step in the right direction to transforming motorsport into a modern and green pastime” added Agag.

AFC Energy’s solution also runs on 100% renewable hydrogen power, making it fit for the racing series. Furthermore, clean water will also be produced as a result of energy generation.

The collaboration between Extreme E and AFC Energy will be a first in international motorsport, with EVs able to charge off-grid with zero-emissions. The H-Power Charger will showcase to a global audience how hydrogen can be used as a viable alternative to diesel generators to provide power in any environment.

Extreme E Continental driving

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Alongside the ability to generate power, the AFC Energy Hydrogen solution will also showcase the remote manufacture of “Green Hydrogen” through micro-alkaline water electrolysis powered by the sun. This hydrogen generation method will enable Extreme E to fuel the H-Power systems in a 100% carbon-free way and removes the need to store and transport vast amounts of hydrogen across the world.

“We are honoured to have been selected by Extreme E to play a part in such a world class motor racing championship,” said Adam Bond, CEO of AFC Energy. “The race highlights not only the true potential of electric vehicle SUVs in some of the harshest environments on earth, but also the need to raise public awareness of the debilitating impact climate change is having on our ecosystems.”

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“The H-Power system will showcase to a global audience exactly how Hydrogen can be used as a viable alternative to incumbent diesel generations. This collaboration between AFC Energy and Extreme E further highlights the commitment both companies show to the environment and the delivery of a sustainable worldwide racing championship.”


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