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UK car plant

Can hybrid cars be recycled?

With the global shift towards more eco-friendly living, the popularity of electric and hybrid cars is on the rise. Due to some of their eco-credentials, such as...
Charging station TotallyEV

Algorithms can accelerate adoption of electric vehicles

Electric vehicles are consistently growing in popularity among consumers and manufacturers. However, until battery technology improves, those seeking to go on long excursions can be faced with...
Volkswagen e-Golf charging

The rise of EVs: How the automotive industry has evolved over the century

It's been an idea in the making for more than a century, but only recently has the concept of electric cars taken centre stage in both the...
What is an EV

What is an EV? Everything you need to know about hybrid and electric vehicles

Electric vehicles (EVs) come in all shapes and sizes – from ships and planes to scooters and cars. In this article, we'll be focusing on electric cars,...

Alexander Sims discusses his journey into Formula E & sustainability

Our video interview with Alexander Sims, a professional racing driver, who represents Mahindra Racing in Season 7 of Formula E. Enjoy!
What does 'McLaren Applied' do in electrified motorsports

What does ‘McLaren Applied’ do in electrified motorsports?

Our video interview with Matthias Dank, Motorsport Director at McLaren Applied. Enjoy!
BMW EV charging

How are our homes driving the EV revolution?

Electric vehicles are driving the UK’s green transition, helping the nation on its journey towards sustainability and net zero emissions by 2050. To achieve this goal, the...
Testing cars

How safe are electric vehicles from catching fire?

As we continue the global transition towards sustainability and renewable energy carriers at pace, vehicle propulsion is undertaking its greatest challenge – electrification. This societal shift in attitude...
Lightyear One design

The dawn of a new sustainable future?

With so much industrial activity shut down and the number of flight and car journeys significantly reduced, greenhouse gas emissions around the world have plummeted. In city...
Volkswagen e-up! rear design

Greener driving: Five ways to reduce your vehicle’s emissions

Many countries have experienced several months of lockdown this year, and the International Energy Agency's Global Energy Review for 2020 has predicted that this year's worldwide CO2...