MyVauxhall app makes it easier to access Corsa-e features

Set to be Britain’s most popular electric car, the Corsa-e is now available with Vauxhall Connect, a clever feature accessed via the MyVauxhall app, which allows owners to access information, such as the remaining range, the cheapest re-charging options and pre-conditioning of the interior.

Smartphone users can also learn the charging status of their car, remotely start the air conditioning, and select the charging time required.

The clever tech calculates the car’s range, taking into account not only the amount of charge left, but also the previous driving style. This important element means that the MyVauxhall app provides a real-world prediction of range, based on its previous use, giving drivers a higher degree of accuracy.

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Vauxhall Corsa-e back

Programme app to select cheapest charging times

MyVauxhall users can also specify when charging of their Corsa-e can begin, giving owners the potential to select the most cost-efficient charging times during the night or day.

The Corsa-e’s standard air conditioning system can also be pre-conditioned before the start of a journey, using the MyVauxhall app. The car’s interior temperature can be selected before the journey has even begun, whether it’s minus 10 or plus 30 degrees Celcius.

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Finally, later this year the MyVauxhall app will include even more features. A Digital Key will provide remote locking and un-locking across even greater distances, with access to the car for up to five users. The MyVauxhall app will also enable remote control of the lights and horn – very helpful if you’ve forgotten where you parked the car!


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