Skoda expands its range of electric vehicles in the UK

Skoda is furthering its exciting work in electrification by bringing a new iV plug-in hybrid model to its Octavia range. The new Octavia iV will be available in both estate and hatch formats and will share the same petrol-electric drivetrain that is found in the Octavia vRS iV and the Superb iV. The price point for this new model will commence from £30,795 OTR, with order books opening from 3 November 2020.

Yet, what stands this new model apart from the rest of the range? Certainly, one key feature is that the Octavia iV, due to its plug-in hybrid drivetrain, has a quoted WLTP fuel consumption of 282.5-188.3mpg, giving it the best fuel efficiency of all the Octavia models. It additionally provides remarkably low CO2 emissions, sitting at just 22-33g/km on the combined cycle.

Skoda Octavia iV estate front

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These attributes do not cause the Octavia iV to compromise on power, however, as this plug-in has a total power output of 150 kW (201 hp) and an impressive torque of 350 Nm. It achieves this through a combination of its 85kW electric motor and its four-cylinder 1.4 TSI petrol engine. The aforementioned electric motor is powered by a 13 kWh battery pack, which can be found in the floor of the vehicle, slightly ahead of the rear axle.

As a result, the Octavia iV can run on all-electric power for up to 43 miles; the new model also brings a personalised touch to its driving experience, with a selection of different driving modes.

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For those taking shorter journeys or driving in urban environments, the ideal option is the simple E-mode which keeps the vehicle solely in electric drive. For a different type of travel, Hybrid mode can be employed, which ensures the constant monitoring and assessment of the driving situation via the Octavia’s electronic control unit.

Once the vehicle moves, automatic regulation of the interaction between the electric motor and petrol engine occurs, allowing either the individual activation of one of these or the simultaneous incorporation of both. Furthermore, within Hybrid mode, 77 kW (104 hp) output is continuously available. However, this can be easily increased to 150 kW (201 hp) through either fully pressing down the accelerator pedal or opting to enter Sport mode.

Hybrid mode also supports the possibility of the battery being charged, through the recuperation of the engine when in motion, thus enabling the individualised selection of a preferred level of the battery. For example, if the noted level of charge is higher than requested, energy continues to be employed until the selected level is reached and then maintained, whereas if the initial charge is lower than wished, this is increased via the petrol engine and brake energy recovery.

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Autonomous control by the system can also be managed through the option of Hybrid Auto mode, allowing the control unit to determine when to use or instead recharge the battery.

As the Octavia iV is a PHEV, it can be recharged using its Type 2 connection. The charging port, which includes a helpful LED light to display the charging system status, can be found on the front wing of the passenger side of the vehicle. The onboard charger of the Octavia iV is rated at 3.6 kW, meaning that it can be fully charged from empty in 3.5 hours using a regular domestic or workplace 16A supply. As well as the appropriate cables to enable this form of charge, a 10amp mains UK 3-pin charge cable is also provided with the Octavia iV.

Finally, for that extra degree of flexibility, two trim levels of the Octavia’s plug-in hybrid drivetrain are on offer; SE L and SE Technology, with the option of hatch or estate bodies for each, as well as the inclusion of a vast array of enhanced equipment, in comparison to its gasoline-powered siblings.

The Octavia iV trims are as follows:

Model Engine OTR
Octavia iV hatch SE Technology 1.4 TSI iV 204 PS DSG £30,765
Octavia iV estate SE Technology 1.4 TSI iV 204 PS DSG £31,745
Octavia iV hatch SE L 1.4 TSI iV 204 PS DSG £32,525
Octavia iV estate SE L 1.4 TSI iV 204 PS DSG £33,605


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