Best EVs 2023: Our favourite electric cars and SUVs

No matter where you live, you will have noticed a significant increase in both the demand and supply of electrified vehicles; from governments setting strict emission targets, to more eco-conscious consumers looking to reduce their impact on the environment.

At TotallyEV, we’ve tested over 60 electrified vehicles, with the majority of them being fully electric. As such, we thought to compile a list of our favourite EVs. No matter if you’re looking for a compact EV or a large-sized SUV, we’ve got a recommendation for all budgets.

Use the dropdown menu below to skip to your desired vehicle class or simply scroll down to see all of our picks. If you’d like to find out more, click on any of the vehicle names to read or watch our detailed reviews.

Best compact EV

Fiat 500 Electric

Thanks to its Italian DNA, the Fiat 500 Electric is a supremely stylish electric car. While it’s not overly spacious nor offers the best boot capacity, its 42 kWh battery pack does manage to attain a very respectful 140-160 miles in our mixed driving tests. It’s pretty nippy too with its front-mounted motor dispatching 87 kW (118 hp) of power, 210 Nm of torque and getting to 60mph in a tested 8.05 seconds.

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If you’re looking for cheaper alternatives or ones that are slightly more practical, consider the Volkswagen e-up! or Seat Mii Electric instead. However, both have limited stock availability and in some markets have actually been discontinued.

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Citroen Ami

Our favourite cheap and cheerful option is the Citroen Ami. While not technically classified as a car, but rather a quadricycle, it’s a great pick for those who want an ultra-compact EV. Its 5.5 kWh battery pack provides roughly 35-40 miles of range and its top speed is capped at 28mph; making it ideal for those going into busy city centres or consumers who don’t need a larger vehicle.

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Those looking to keep that compact form factor but looking for something snazzier might want to consider the Smart EQ ForTwo. This EV has a range of 70-75 miles and a top speed of 81mph. However, it’s considerably more expensive than the Citroen Ami and doesn’t offer anywhere near the same level of storage capacity as the Fiat, VW or Seat alternatives.

Best electric hatchback

Cupra Born

The Cupra Born is a sporty and yet practical electric hatchback. It draws upon many similarities of its sibling, the Volkswagen ID.3, which we’d equally recommend. The VW and Cupra attain 220-230 and 210-220 miles, respectively from their 58 kWh battery packs that we had tested.

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In this configuration, both have a 150 kW (201 hp) motor that drives the rear axle, providing for a heightened driving experience over front-wheel drive alternatives. There’s 310 Nm of torque and both models will attain 60mph in 6.45 seconds. The main drawbacks are that they don’t have one-pedal drive and have diagonally-wedged rear seats, which can result in an uncomfortable experience on longer journeys.

Nissan Leaf

By contrast, the Nissan Leaf isn’t as modern-looking within the cabin but is among one the most comfortable EVs on the market. Its cushiony-like seats and suspension system provide a floaty driving experience. The Tekna e+ with its 62 kWh battery pack attained 200 miles in our tests. As for performance, its front-mounted motor provides 160 kW (215 hp) of power and 340 Nm of torque, propelling it to 60mph in 7.19 seconds.

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Best electric saloon

Tesla Model 3

If you’re looking for a long-range EV, there’s nothing better than the Tesla Model 3 Long Range. Its 82 kWh attained a stellar 310 miles in our mixed driving tests. As for performance, the all-wheel drive system has roughly 324 kW (434 hp) of power, 493 Nm of torque and will get to 60mph in just 4.41 seconds.

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By comparison, the entry-level Model 3 has a rear-wheel drive system, a 54 kWh battery pack, 230-250 miles of range, 239 kW (320 hp) of power, 420 Nm of torque and will get to 60mph in 5.19 seconds. Both vehicles have an unconventional exterior design, a minimalist interior with class-leading infotainment and audio systems, and excellent EV route planning that integrates itself with Tesla’s convenient Supercharger Network.

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Polestar 2

Similarly, the Polestar 2 uses Google’s Android Automotive OS, which in our opinion is the only system that can truly rival Tesla’s route planning software. It also has a more practical hatchback design, interior feel and looks more familiar from the exterior. The P2 Long Range Single Motor with heat pump also surpasses the equivalent Tesla in driving range with 250-270 miles from its 78 kWh battery pack. It’s not as nippy, however, with its front-wheel drive system providing 170 kW (228 hp) of power, 329 Nm of torque and 0-60mph in 7.56 seconds.

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Should you want more power, there’s the all-wheel drive model that has 300 kW (408 hp) of power, 660 Nm of torque and gets to 60mph in 4.68 seconds; that extra level of performance does impact range, however, dropping it down to 240-250 miles, and roughly 200 miles without a heat pump installed.

BMW i4

Unlike the Tesla and Polestar, the BMW i4 has the best level of integration with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. But, that’s not all, as it’s also got an excellent Harman Kardon audio system, and the best driver’s feel and suspension system. The i4 eDrive40 has a rear-wheel drive system that outputs 250 kW (340 hp) of power, 430 Nm of torque, and will attain 0-60mph in 5.32 seconds.

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The i4 M50, however, has an all-wheel drive system with 405 kW (544 hp) of power, 795 Nm of torque and gets to 0-60mph in just 4.04 seconds. As for range, both have an 83.9 kWh battery pack providing 240-260 miles of range in the eDrive40, and 200-210 miles in the M50.

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Audi e-tron GT

Should you have the cash to splash, consider getting the unique-looking Audi e-tron GT. While it has limited storage capacities over the BMW, Polestar and Tesla, it does offer stupendous performance from its all-wheel drive system. 0-60mph in a tested 3.95 seconds, thanks to its motors dispatching 390 kW (522 hp) of power and 640 Nm of torque. As for its range, its 93.4 kWh battery lasts 230-250 miles on a single charge.

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Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo

Matching the same level of performance as the Audi but doubling down on practicality comes the Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo. It’s arguably the best-looking EV on the market and one that offers an unparalleled driver’s feel – the best being held by the regular Taycan. The 4S we had tested attained 60mph from a standstill in just 3.78 seconds. Through its dual-motor configuration, one attains a whopping 420 kW (563 hp) of power and 650 Nm of torque; its 93.4 kWh battery achieved 220-230 miles in our mixed driving tests.

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Tesla Model S

One should also consider the new Tesla Model S. While we have yet to put it through its paces in the UK, our sources in the US tell us that it has hypercar-level straight-line speed and class-leading electric range.

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Best electric SUV


The ZS EV is a compact, feature-packed, affordable all-electric SUV. The Long Range model with its 72.6 kWh battery attained 230-250 miles, while the regular trim with its 51.1 kWh battery attained 150-160 miles. As for performance the former has a front-wheel drive system that has 115 kW (154 hp) of power, 280 Nm of torque and gets to 60mph in 7.29s.

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As an alternative, consider the MG MG5 EV. While it isn’t an SUV, it offers the same level of practicality and features as the ZS EV. We reviewed the older non-Long Range variant, which is capable of attaining 180 miles from its 52.5 kWh battery pack.

Citroen e-C4

For the same cost as the MG5 EV, however, one should consider the more stylish Citroen e-C4. It’s supremely comfortable thanks to its seats, hydraulic suspension system and stellar acoustic insulation. It’ll also go the distance where we attained 180-200 miles from its 50 kWh battery pack. It’s not a performance EV, however, with its front-mounted motor providing 100 kW (136 hp) of power, 260 Nm of torque and 0-60mph in 9.28 seconds.

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Hyundai Kona Electric

Should you want to attain 240-260 miles on a singular charge you should consider the Hyundai Kona Electric, instead. The 64 kWh model has a front-mounted motor that dispatches 150 kW (201 hp) of power, 395 Nm of torque and will get to 60mph in a tested 6.91 seconds. While there’s a limited amount of boot space and rear occupant headroom, the Kona EV is still one of our favourite compact electric SUVs.

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Kia Soul EV

If the Hyundai’s cabin is too constrictive and you can make do with a funky exterior design, the Kia Soul EV makes for an excellent alternative. This feature-packed electric wagon has the same level of performance and electric range as its Hyundai counterpart, and is a little more affordable too.

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It’s also worth considering the Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6 if you’d like a snazzier and an even roomier cabin; both also have more modern interior and exterior designs.

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Skoda Enyaq iV

One of the most spacious and efficient electric SUVs is the Skoda Enyaq iV. Its extremely large boot and 82 kWh battery pack provide a unique combo. In our mixed driving tests, we attained a staggering 300 miles in a single charge. A class-leading figure, especially considering many of its competitors struggle to break the 260-mile mark. As for performance, the Skoda’s tested rear-wheel drive configuration has 150 kW (201 hp) of power, 310 Nm of torque, and gets to 0-60mph in 7.95 seconds.

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Also consider the near-identical Volkswagen ID.4, which doesn’t attain the same driving range as the Skoda but is still a worthwhile consideration.

Tesla Model Y

Should you want more punch from your electric SUV and don’t want to compromise on electric range, look no further than the Tesla Model Y. Much like its saloon sibling, the Model 3, the SUV has a unique exterior design, a minimalist interior, a class-leading infotainment and audio system, and even certain unique features such as all three rear seats being heated.

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The all-wheel drive Long Range variant has roughly 342 kW (459 hp) of power, 633 Nm of torque and without the Acceleration Boost package added on top, will attain 60mph from a standstill in just 4.68 seconds. We attained 260-280 miles of driving range from its 82 kWh battery pack.

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Volvo XC40/C40 Recharge

With a more familiar interior and exterior design, Volvo’s all-electric SUVs are excellent alternatives to the Tesla. Much like the Polestar 2, both Volvos use Android Automotive OS for excellent EV route planning and also pack quite a punch. We had the all-wheel drive XC40 Recharge tested at 4.51 seconds, while the sleeker C40 attained 4.59 seconds. Both models house two electric motors, which are capable of outputting 304 kW (408 hp) of power and 660 Nm of torque. As for range, expect 230-250 miles when a heat pump is installed – thus, in the more expensive Plus and Ultimate trims.

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The Volvos, however, are a little limited in personalisation, which is where the Audi Q4 e-tron comes into play. It’s available in numerous trim levels, with the rear-wheel drive Q4 40 e-tron achieving roughly 260 miles from its 82 kWh battery pack in our mixed driving tests. It’s nowhere near as fast as the Volvo, with its rear-mounted motor dispatching 150 kW (201 hp) of power, 310 Nm of torque and getting to 60mph in 7.67 seconds.

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Jaguar I-Pace

While the aforementioned SUVs offer excellent performance, range and design, none can compete with the driver’s feel of the Jaguar I-Pace EV400. This compact, luxurious all-electric SUV has two electric motors that dispatch 294 kW (395 hp) of power, 696 Nm of torque, getting to 60mph in a blistering 4.8 seconds. As for range, it attains 240-250 miles from its 90 kWh battery pack.

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Should you want superior rear occupant space, consider the BMW iX3 instead. It doesn’t have the same level of performance nor range as the Jaguar but is equally fun to drive.

Combining performance, driving comfort and storage space into one comprehensive package is the Audi e-tron S. This premium large-sized electric SUV is ridiculous in more ways than one; however, it’s not all glorious with its main drawback being its electric range, which sits at roughly 190-210 miles.

Tesla Model X

One should also consider the new Tesla Model X. While we have yet to put it through its paces in the UK, our sources in the US tell us that it has a ridiculous straight-line speed and class-leading electric range.

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TotallyEV’s transparency

As an independent UK publication, none of the manufacturers mentioned have provided any sort of monetary incentive to be included. All views are our own.

Of course, there will be vehicles that haven’t been tested or indeed some that we’d not recommend over the alternatives mentioned – let us know in the comments section below or on social media – YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn – if there are any EVs you feel should have been included.


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