Empty driveways earn homeowners more than £1,000 a year

New research by online parking portal YourParkingSpace, suggests that households renting their driveways to strangers are earning more than £1,000 per year. The research excludes those who rent out their home wall chargers to EV owners – also known as a peer-to-peer EV network.

By combining the two, homeowners who have a driveway and an EV wall box installed could earn even more money.

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The annual study, which lists more than 350,000 parking spaces across the UK, reveals that Londoners are making the most with £2,100 per year on average, while people living in Brighton and Edinburgh are earning £1,944 and £1,896 respectively.

Significantly though, residents in 25 towns and cities across the UK, stretching from Aberdeen to Belfast to Bournemouth, are making more than £1,000 per year on average offering their unoccupied driveways to motorists searching for a pre-booked parking space.

Top 10 highest earning UK driveway towns

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Harrison Woods, managing director at YourParkingSpace, said: “Empty driveways continue to offer a significant extra income for households the length and breadth of the UK, which is possibly even more welcome now than ever before.”

“With lockdown restrictions being eased and more people returning to their workplace, plus being advised by the government to avoid public transport if possible, we expect a new surge in demand for empty driveways as motorists struggle to find places to park near their places of employment.”

Further down the list of those surveyed, YourParkingSpace found that residents in Wigan (50th) still make £650 per year on average.

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Harrison added: “Our driveway league table clearly highlights a demand for empty driveways to be used as pre-booked rented parking spaces in every corner of the UK. I would encourage anyone with an empty driveway to list it as soon as possible, so they can start making an additional income while benefitting from an anticipated increase in demand post lockdown.”

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