Nissan expands its electric van line-up across Europe

Nissan launched the e-NV200 van back in 2014, but has only recently decided to add the e-NV200 XL Voltia to its fleet. New all-new, enlarged all-electric van is, in the manufacturer’s words, built for “urban deliveries”.

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The new EV is based off the powertrain that’s housed inside the new Nissan Leaf. Here, the e-NV200 XL Voltia has a 40 kWh battery and an on-board CHAdeMO charger for rapid DC charging capability – making it more suited for urban deliveries.

“Despite tougher emissions standards and restricted access in cities, demand for urban last-mile delivery isn’t slowing down. Businesses – large and small – need to remain competitive and find a solution to optimise their operations,” said Manuel Burdiel, General Manager Europe, LCV Sales and Business Development.

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The new all-electric van offers a compact body and a sizeable cargo capacity. With a load space of 8m3, the new model expands the standard e-NV200’s competitive load space by 90%. This allows van drivers to load cargo easily as some will be able to stand inside the loading area.

With the increase in load capacity, the e-NV200 XL Voltia should, in principle, allow for businesses to complete fewer trips on each delivery round; making for more streamlined operations and cost savings.


Nissan E-NV200 Voltia Van XL

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As for the driving experience: the van is manoeuvrable on the road, as it has an optimised turning circle making more suited for urban roads. When it comes to driving modes, ‘B mode’ optimises regenerative braking to recharge the battery on the move, whilst ‘Eco mode’ manages power output to conserve battery capacity. When used together, both technologies maximise the vehicle’s range. A maximum range of 187 miles on a single charge can be achieved in city conditions.

“Every aspect of the Nissan e-NV200 XL Voltia is designed to tackle these ongoing challenges. The efficient zero-emission powertrain, compact body and versatile cargo space allow businesses to make last-mile delivery less time-intensive and more sustainable,” said Manuel Burdiel, General Manager Europe, LCV Sales and Business Development.

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The e-NV200 XL Voltia will be made available in European markets by Gruau. In the UK the conversion will be carried out by Bevan Group, based in Wednesbury in the West Midlands. UK pricing will be revealed upon launch.


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