Scandinavian distributor to trial Volta Zero all-electric truck

Bring and Posten, the leading distributor of parcels, cargo, and mail in the Nordics, has chosen Volta Trucks for an exclusive trial of its forthcoming Volta Zero heavy good vehicle (HGV).

The Volta Zero is the world’s first fully-electric large freight distribution vehicle. The trial will help the Nordic distributor establish a significant network of inner-city mail and parcel pick-up and drop-off locations.

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Announcing the partnership, Per Öhagen, Executive Vice President of E-commerce and Logistics of Bring, said: “Bring wants to be a world leader in making transport climate friendly. By 2025, our goal is that all our vehicles and buildings will be emission neutral. To reach that goal, partnering with companies like Volta Trucks are crucial.”

“To be the first pilot user of a Volta Truck in Scandinavia sends a clear message of our sustainability intent, and we look forward to a good collaboration to develop the emission-free trucks of the future.”

With the Volta’s full-electric, zero-emission trucks specifically designed to operate in inner-city environments, the Volta Zero will be extensively tested in the locations it was designed to excel in, providing real-world data and driver feedback to engineers in the vehicle development programme.

Volta truck

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Rob Fowler, Chief Executive Officer of Volta Trucks, said; “With Swedish and Norwegian founders, Volta Trucks was created with strong Nordic roots. Our mission is to create a purpose-built, full-electric large delivery vehicle that will help improve the safety of pedestrians and other road users and improve the air quality for all.

“I am delighted to be exclusively partnering with Bring to test the forthcoming Volta Zero in the important Nordic markets. Bring’s inner-city delivery vehicle requirements, with their extensive network of pick-up and drop-off locations, perfectly complements the design and performance of the Volta Zero with its 200kms range of full-electric, zero-emission operation. I look forward to receiving feedback from Bring’s drivers of the unique driving environment and the vehicle’s performance.”  

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It’s great to see further adoption of all-electric trucks in Europe. It’s no surprise to see a Scandinavian company making headway in its local region. In Norway, there are now more new all-electric cars sold than gasoline-led vehicles.


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