Skoda announces new kick scooters for £120

On 20 May, Skoda, the Czech automaker, announced its latest vehicle – the Skoda Scooter. That’s right, the latest Skoda doesn’t come in the form of a gasoline or electric car, but rather, a non-powered kick scooter. The manufacturer wants to allow owners to go from door to door without having to “sacrifice Skoda style or innovation”. It’s a move that widens the company’s portfolio and allows it to reach a different crowd.

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Skoda already has a foothold in the world of pushbikes, where the brand sells numerous e-bikes, road bikes and mountain bikes for both adults and kids. In fact, founders Václav Laurin and Václav Klement started the brand in 1895 by manufacturing bicycles; wherein 1905 the duo turned their attention to vehicles and quickly became the largest car manufacturer in Austria-Hungary.

Skoda Scooter ride

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As such, with its pedigree, Skoda decided to branch into the world of micromobility. The new Skoda Scooter takes on a fresh take on the standard scooter design. Thanks to a patented folding mechanism, it can be folded up. Collapsed, the Skoda Scooter measures just 49×42×11cm and fits into the spare wheel compartment found under the boot floor of the Scala and Kamiq. This means that the entire volume of the boot remains free for transporting luggage and shopping.

Unlike other scooters, the Skoda one has been designed for adult use and has a weight capacity of 100kg. The frame is made from steel and aluminium, where it’s finished in black with green highlights on the wheels and handlebar grips.

Skoda Scooter stored

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The scooter’s wheels are made out of polyurethane, which guarantees both a fast and comfortable riding experience. In terms of weight, it comes in at only 5kg, making it extremely easy to carry on public transport or into offices.

The Skoda Scooter is available as an accessory through retailers and is priced at £120. Are you be tempted by the Skoda Scooter? Let us in the comments below or via social media; we’re on: FacebookTwitterInstagram and YouTube.


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