News of electric and hybrid bikes, which includes scooters

Sunra bike

Electric motorcycle giant Sunra set to charge UK market

Sunra has launched its electric mopeds in the UK. The Chinese electric scooter manufacturer has today announced that its two vehicles will be sold within the Greater...
Spin scooter riders

Is it legal to ride an e-scooter in the UK?

March’s UK lockdown witnessed a surge in e-scooter sales, with commuters taking advantage of quicker travel, lower emissions, an alternative to public transport and the ability to...

Superstrata debuts world’s first 3D-printed electric bicycle

Superstrata, a Silicon Valley-based bicycle brand, has unveiled the world’s first made-to-measure 3D-printed electric bicycle. The e-bicycle is made out of a unibody carbon fibre frame and according...
Spin scooter

Milton Keynes selects Spin as its first public hire e-scooter operator

Milton Keynes Council has selected Spin – the micromobility unit of Ford Motor Company – to provide electric scooters for public hire across the town. The e-scooters will...
Voxan Wattman bike performance

Venturi-Voxan Wattman is set to be world’s fastest electric motorcycle

In 2010, Venturi, the Monaco-based automotive manufacturer acquired French motorcycle maker, Voxan. From this day on, Voxan was set on developing bikes with electric motors in them. In...
Businessman on e-scooter

Two-thirds of consumers want e-scooters on UK roads

As government trials of rental e-scooter schemes get underway this month, a Venson Automotive Solutions survey shows two-thirds of consumers welcome the acceleration of plans to accommodate...
Skoda Scooter

Skoda announces new kick scooters for £120

On 20 May, Skoda, the Czech automaker, announced its latest vehicle – the Skoda Scooter. That's right, the latest Skoda doesn't come in the form of a...
Ducati scooters

Ducati launches new range of electric scooters and e-bikes

Ducati and MT Distribution, licensee and commercial partner, have announced a new line of folding e-bikes and electric scooters, which will be available for purchase later this...
Peugeot eLC01

Peugeot launches an electric bicycle: The eLC01 e-bike costs €1,499

The urban electrically-assisted bike, the Peugeot eLC01 (e=electric, L=Legend, C= City, 01= top-of-the-range) is now available with 26-inch wheels, in addition to the current 24-inch model. Suitable...
EAV powered by Revonte

EAV teams up with Finnish eBike manufacturer Revonte

Electric Assisted Vehicles Limited have signed an exclusive agreement with Revonte, a sophisticated eBike hardware and software engineering company from Finland. Revonte was established in 2018 with a...