Vauxhall achieves RDE2 compliance across all of its models

Vauxhall has become the first mainstream volume manufacturer to achieve full RDE2 compliance across its entire model line-up, giving company car drivers and businesses significant savings.

Meeting the second phase of the European Union Real Driving Emissions (RDE) test will become mandatory for all new diesel vehicles registered after January 2021. Vauxhall has achieved compliance nearly a year ahead of the legislation for its entire model line-up, including the all-new Corsa and new Astra.

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Diesel cars that already meet RDE2 standards are currently exempt from a 4% minimum surcharge to the Benefit-in-Kind (BIK) company car tax rate, which has been applicable to all diesel models since 2018, bringing significant savings to company car drivers and fleet operators.

Vauxhall’s latest electric and plug-in vehicles will also help company car drivers and businesses reduce costs. The all-new, all-electric Corsa-e attracts 0% company car tax under the latest Government guidelines, rising to 1% the next year and 2% the following year. Electric vehicles were previously taxed at 16% BIK.

Vauxhall Grandland X-Hybrid BIK

Plug-in hybrids will equally benefit from changes to BIK rates. The all-new Grandland X Hybrid will cost just 10% in BIK from 6 April 2020 onwards, compared to 16% under the previous guidelines. This helps the Grandland X Hybrid achieve best-in-class BIK payments of £54 and £108 for 20% and 40% taxpayers.

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From today (6th April 2020), new BIK rates apply to all new registrations, with lower payments across most emissions brackets, apart from the most polluting vehicles.  Many of Vauxhall’s new vehicles will achieve significant savings under the new Benefit-in-Kind (BIK) rates.


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