Fiat 500 audio review: Mambo Italiano?

The Fiat 500 is an iconic Italian city car that can now be found with a petrol or all-electric powertrain, we reviewed the former that starts from £13,020. The hybrid and pure gasoline models come with a six-speaker audio configuration, while the all-electric model is available in a four or six-speaker setup, instead. On review is the new Fiat 500 Hybrid, that has four speakers located at the front of the cabin and two at the back.

We’ve asked Fiat to provide us with total power output, but we’re yet to receive this information. We shall update this review as soon as the FCA Group provide us with the necessary details.

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Fiat 500 audio setup

On the ‘Lounge’ trim or above, you’ll find a 7″ HD touchscreen infotainment system that allows you to adjust the vehicle’s EQ. Here are our optimal settings:

  • Treble: +3
  • Mids: +1
  • Bass: +1
  • Balance & fader: Centre

To connect to the car’s audio system, Fiat supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto over USB. Wireless connectivity can be achieved via Bluetooth, although, the system is limited to the lowest-quality SBC codec, only.

Media controls are conveniently placed on the steering wheel, making it a breeze to sieve through one’s audio library.

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Fiat 500 audio performance

For a demo of the Fiat 500’s audio system head on over to our YouTube channel.

Given the vehicle’s small physical size, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that there is no subwoofer present to deliver those low-end tones. Instead, the lower frequencies sound cut-off and are instead fed through the full-range driver found on the front doors. The mid-bass tones are also affected, resulting in a wobbly reproduction when listening to T.I. ‘Get Back Up’. Throughout the song, the Fiat’s audio system fails to deliver tight, controlled slams, though, still presents a fun sound.

Fiat 500 Hybrid interior

Vocals are also not its forte, with vocals in Ercola’s club anthem ‘Every Word’ sounding recessed. Adding anything more than one notch to the EQ can also create an artificial effect, which can further impact vocals making them sound inaccurate.

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Given the size of the cabin and the number of speakers, one would expect the Fiat 500 to excel with instrument separation, alas it’s not the case with the six-speaker system jumbling frequencies. The soundstage is also pretty narrow with very little width and depth, although, this is to be expected from a small-sized cabin.

On the plus side, with three notches added onto the treble EQ, the highs are near-perfect. They extend well into the top-end frequencies and provide enough excitement to the lift one’s spirits on the audio system.

Fiat 500 Hybrid audio review

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TotallyEV’s verdict on the Fiat 500’s audio system

On the whole, the Fiat 500’s audio system is far from ideal, namely in its lacklustre mid-range and inherent lack of sub-bass rumble. Nevertheless, the system comes free in all trim levels of the hybrid and pure gasoline variant of the vehicle, and given the overall cost of the car, one shouldn’t expect its stock six-speaker system to excite your inner audiophile.

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What do you make of the Fiat 500’s audio system? Let us know in the comments section or via social media; we’re on: YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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fiat-500-audio-reviewThe Fiat 500 Hybrid and pure gasoline models come fitted with a six-speaker audio system as standard. Here, you'll find the setup has a recessed mid-range and lacks controls in the mid-bass tones, all while exciting at the top-end. It won't fulfil an audiophile's dream of having a stylish Italian city car with a pumping audio system.


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