Genesis GV60 audio review: 17-speaker Bang & Olufsen system

The Genesis GV60 is the manufacturer’s first to be built from the ground up as a fully electric vehicle. We found it to be a stylish, practical, fun-to-drive and feature-packed EV; we gave it our Best Buy award.

In terms of its audio configuration, the GV60 has a stock 8-speaker system. However, the Bang & Olufsen audio upgrade, which costs £990, takes the tally up to 17 speakers; the latter configuration is on review.

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Genesis GV60 audio setup

To tweak the audio settings, one has to navigate through Genesis’ comprehensively laid out 12.3″ infotainment system. Here are our optimal settings:

  • Treble: +2
  • Bass: -2
  • Surround: Level 3
  • Speed Dependent Volume: Normal
  • Position: Centre
  • Active Sound Design: Off

The Active Sound Design is an artificial noise that plays through the vehicle’s speaker system. Here, you have a Futuristic, S-Engine, E-Motor and a Custom mode. Further, you’ve got the ability to adjust the effect by opting for Enhanced, Normal, Minimised or to have it disabled altogether.

As for the EQ itself, it’s rather primitive; there are only Bass and Treble controls. Granted, the circular dial is visually appealing and makes it easy for consumers to adjust, however, the lack of a multi-band EQ for more experienced users is disappointing. It’s actually rather baffling considering the infotainment system provides a plethora of options and customisation.

To connect to the vehicle’s system, both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are supported over a wired connection. At the time of writing, a wireless connection to these operating systems isn’t supported. If you’d prefer to connect over Bluetooth, the SBC and AAC codecs are supported.

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Genesis GV60 audio performance

For a demo of the Genesis GV60’s audio system, head on over to our YouTube channel.

In terms of its audio configuration, the stock eight-speaker system has two speakers positioned within each of the front doors, a singular speaker within each of the rear doors, a centre speaker within the dashboard and a subwoofer in the boot. Driver sizes and wattage weren’t provided by the manufacturer.

The optional £990 17-speaker B&O system is a lot more comprehensive. Here, you’ll find: a 100mm midrange and a 19mm tweeter within the centre of the dashboard; a 160mm woofer, 80mm midrange and 19mm tweeter within each of the four doors; 80mm midrange surrounds within the parcel shelf; and a 250mm subwoofer in the underfloor compartment of the boot.

The inclusion of a subwoofer certainly helps the system deliver a good low-end reproduction. The noticeable rumble that extends through the bass tones gives you a sense of enjoyment while listening to bass-orientated tracks. However, when compared to other premium audio systems, the B&O system lacks prowess; for example, it’s not as well versed as the Harman Kardon systems found within the BMW iX3 and Kia Soul EV nor the Premium system found within the Tesla Model Y.

Thankfully, its mid-bass reproduction is flawless. Both in terms of quantity and quality; there’s excellent control, precision and impact. Listening to Chris Brown’s single titled ‘Summer Too Hot’, the system provides for a truly exciting sound – you’ll be nodding your head to the beat.

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The added emphasis on the lows and the lack of dedicated mid-range controls does hinder vocal performance. Namely in the lower mids, the system is a bit recessed and pushed back. Had the audio or car manufacturer provided a multi-band EQ, we might have been able to tinker with the sound profile and thus boost the mids. Alas, that’s not the case, whereby additions to the ‘Treble’ EQ will also affect the highs – putting emphasis on said setting will lead to a harsh top-end and ear fatigue.

Accepting the system’s fate by not going overboard with the ‘Treble’ EQ setting, you’ll find the highs extend eloquently. There’s a good amount of zing at the top end to provide that toe-tapping feeling.

Equally, the flurry of drivers positioned throughout the cabin also aids instrument separation, and the overall width and depth of the system. No matter where you’re sitting, you’ll have a good degree of engagement. In fact, we’d say it’s among one of the best audio systems out there, which will provide you with a sense of fulfilment; the cabin is filled with sound, so much so that in certain tracks you might hear things that you would have previously missed.

Aside from its sound reproduction, the Genesis GV60 has a very quiet cabin, competing with the likes of the serene BMW iX3, Jaguar I-Pace and Audi Q8 e-tron. This is thanks to an acoustically treated windscreen and laminated front and rear windows, all of which are fitted as standard across the trim range and help with passive noise isolation. Should you want to take things one step further, you’ll want to opt for the £990 B&O upgrade, as it brings Active Road Noise Control (ANC-R), which helps to adaptively reduce external sounds while on the move.

Using a sound meter, we recorded: 36 dBA at a standstill; 52-57 dBA, while driving at 20-30mph; 58-62 dBA, while driving at 40mph; and 68-72 dBA when at 70mph. Those are pretty low figures, especially considering the size of the vehicle. You will, however, be able to hear a bit of road noise creep in from the tyres, though, in our tested model (Sport+ trim) the larger 21” alloys were fitted as opposed to the quieter 20” or 19” wheels that are present in the less-expensive variants.

Genesis GV60 audio award

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TotallyEV’s verdict on the Genesis GV60’s audio system

On the whole, the B&O audio system found within the GV60 packs a punch and will leave most excited with its overall sound reproduction. Given the added premium and what it brings over the stock eight-speaker system, it’s an option we’d definitely suggest looking into, especially if you’re into audio. As such, the system receives TotallyEV’s Performance award.

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However, if you’re a serious audiophile, you might want to consider the alternatives from Tesla, Volvo, or BMW, as these vehicles come fitted with more impressive and capable systems that’ll perform better across the entire frequency range.

What do you make of the GV60’s audio system? Let us know in the comments or via social media; we’re on: YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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genesis-gv60-audio-review-17-speaker-bang-olufsen-systemThe Genesis GV60 houses eight speakers as standard but for an additional £990, can be upgraded to a 17-speaker Bang & Olufsen system. The latter is well worth considering if you’re looking for that extra audio zest. While it doesn’t excel across the frequency range and lacks advanced EQ controls, it provides an exciting and engaging sound reproduction and as such, receives TotallyEV’s Performance award.


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